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At BION Solutions LLC, we combine extensive expertise in Project Management, safety, professional, scientific, and technical consulting with staffing & a robust offering of cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, quarterly vulnerability scanning, vendor audits, and annual training programs. Our commitment to excellence and efficiency ensures we deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client, safeguarding their assets and information while streamlining their operations.

Partners & Companies we work with

North Atlantic Inflatables

Valander Group 


CWC Global

Idexx Laboratories

Vannin Healthcare

NYC Skyline BW


Products to meet mission needs and demands.



-Medical device



Providing staffing for all Healthcare, Fitness and wellness, Laboratory & Cleaning services. 


Aiding in program and project development.


Providing experienced incite to meet your program and safety project or mission needs.

541990 Primary- Professional & Scientific & Technical consulting



Private, State, Federal and DOD organizations. 


Employment opportunities

Construction in Progress

Our Mission

Our teams mission is to aid in our customer's tasks, either new or ongoing. Helping them achieve success through our solutions. 

Veteran owned and operated

" My vision in building BION Solutions is to bring superior services & products to meet my client's mission"

Ezra Mendez 


BION Solutions LLC

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